The George E. Jonas Foundation promotes

international democracy, understanding, tolerance and cooperation.

Rising Sun, CRS, CRSAAD, GEJF, George E. Jonas Foundation

The purpose of the George E. Jonas Foundation is to promote international understanding, tolerance and cooperation on a democratic foundation.

We implement our goals through an international summer program, CRS/E (Camp Rising Sun / Europe), in which we seek to further a lasting engagement for young girls. The girls are of different ethnic and cultural background and develop their skills of ethical leadership in order to strengthen the communities from which they come.

The participants in the camp are a worldwide selection of young girls of 15 to16 years of age. They are chosen on the basis of their intellectual and social competences, all-round interests, humanistic attitude, and potential leadership qualities.

We firmly believe that youth are our future and are particularly interested in bright young people without financial advantages who demonstrate ambition and promise. We are committed to helping our scholarship recipients to attain their potential for leadership, for intellectual growth, for appreciation of diversity, and for sensitivity to the needs of others.